Oil Companies Endanger the Green Hydrogen Path

15 January 2024

In November 2023, REVOLVE, one of our consortium partners, attended the European Hydrogen Week to discover research initiatives and start-ups involved in green hydrogen projects across the EU. Read the following op-ed to learn about some of the aviation projects presented there, and also about examples of greenwashing and why it’s important to avoid it. 

Navigating the Green Hydrogen Landscape: A Critical Analysis of Current Fossil-Based Production

While hydrogen is widely discussed as a promising alternative fuel, the reality is that global hydrogen production is predominantly fossil-based. Oil and gas companies play a significant role in steering the narrative away from green hydrogen. To truly realize the potential of a sustainable future, it is crucial for electric hydrogen production to flourish and be employed equitably. This shift is essential for greening not only the steel and aviation industries but also the broader economy, providing a meaningful opportunity for sectors traditionally associated with pollution to embrace a more environmentally friendly trajectory. 

European Hydrogen Week 

In November 2023, the European Hydrogen Week took place in Brussels, bringing together different stakeholders who had the opportunity to exchange ideas and search for allies – that could either be on the good or the bad side of hydrogen’s evolution, considering that oil and gas companies are the main advocates of fossil hydrogen.  

The focus on fossil fuel companies for hydrogen production is one of the main pitfalls that should be avoided.

TotalEnergies, one of the main fossil hydrogen lobby companies, demonstrated at the European Hydrogen Week a racing car fueled by electric hydrogen – a tangible example of greenwashing. TotalEnergies plans to increase oil and gas production by 2030, with 80% of its energy mix coming from oil and gas, and less than 3% from hydrogen, which might be either green or fossil-based. 

The company has an affiliation with Hydrogen Europe which organized the event, therefore, how can anyone build trust towards such an energy source, when an oil company is promoted at a European hydrogen meeting? The focus on fossil fuel companies for hydrogen production is one of the main pitfalls that should be avoided.

You can read the full article on REVOLVE