The Circular Fuels project is pioneering sustainable aviation fuel production processes that uses solar energy and waste-based raw materials, thus aligning with and advancing the sustainability standards set by the EU and UN.

About The Circular Fuels project

The Circular Fuels project aims to produce sustainable aviation fuels through advancements in renewable energy and technological innovation. By enhancing the speed of transfer from fossil fuels to renewable energy, Circular Fuels will address the environmental externalities associated with unsustainable aviation fuels. Circular Fuels will analyze the sustainability aspects of the technology, and it will give policy recommendations for successful implementation by introducing commercially viable and cost-effective solutions.

The Circular Fuels project is fostering positive impacts for stakeholders in the energy industry, biomass producers, solar and aviation companies, circular economists, EU Green New Deal policymakers, farmers and municipalities, and aviation passengers.

CORDIS: Production of sustainable aviation fuels from waste biomass by coupling of fast pyrolysis with solar energy | Circular Fuels | Project | Fact sheet | HORIZON | CORDIS | European Commission (

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Sustainable aviation fuel without burning anything

Green hydrogen and fuel testing in aircraft engines

Decarbonisation of the aviation sector

Benefits of the Circular Fuels project

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